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A-DLPTV • 2015

Auto-Destructing, Light Projecting, Trope-o-Vision

     This performative, kinetic sculpture is made of a deconstructed DLP Rear projection television (c. 1999) and a set of mechanically driven, illuminated glass gears. An image of RGB static is projected on the TV's screen from behind. In generating this moving image, the machine by its own nature, destroys itself. 

     I'm drawn to illuminated, self-destructing machinery because they feel like the mechanisms of a society driven by distraction and the trappings of Capitalism. To me, they speak to both the planned obsolescence of the "New Best Thing" and the larger systems in play that enable the constant stream of these machines. The individual glass gears are replaceable and grind against each other with abrasive as lubrication. The cogs are ground down by the very act of this machine operating and projecting an image on to the screen.

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