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Egomorphoscopes  •  BFA Solo Exhibition  •  2015


                                                                                         The Self  •  Is Shaped  •  By Seeing 


       This was an exhibition of the lenses and tools that shape and manipulate our composite understanding of the world. As we float deeper into a realm inundated by screens, we are tumbled by the rushing current of data; seemingly invisible, yet physically tethered with immense infrastructure. The allure of the portal’s glow creates a barrier, veiling physicality and promising escape. The waste, the intrusions, the distortions are all obfuscated by this threshold. We are all entangled in the same web and as such, appear more interconnected, yet our 

interactions are increasingly occurring from the darkened solace of our homes, with the proxy of technology standing between human entities. 

      We are promised a great deal of knowledge, convenience and entertainment at the low price of zero additional dollars, but inevitably pay with fragments of our being. There is much to be gained and learned from the omnipotent entity in the sky. Take heed though, if you stick your head in the clouds, you may find yourself endlessly floating through space.


                                                                                          • Kinto Diriwachter • December • MMXV •


College Avenue Galleries, Oakland, CA

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