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Neophotrope - Revenant Media October 25th, 2013

Using the traditional craft of blown glass, paired with the contemporary technologies actively redefining the notion of craft, I created a kinetic work of whimsical enjoyment and basic scientific curiosity for the Revenant Media show in the School of Art Gallery, in Canberra, Australia. Heavily driven by the discourse between early pre-cinematic devices, psychedelic projection culture and our current visual culture, I examine visual tropes throughout history, tracing the lineage of the illuminated, projected image in an attempt to capture the initial sense of wonder and enthusiasm for percieving the world in new ways.


The show included a revival of Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski's 1975 Theramin, performaces by Danny Wild and Ben Swift as well as the unveiling of this new contraption.


A very special thank you to everyone who helped make this happen in time! Especially Tom, Ned, Frank, Trish, Nik, Martyn, Jessie, Glassy people, the Furniture and Sculpture crews and everyone who came out to the show to support me and check out some wild performances!




MDF, wood, glass, steel, rear projection television lenses, hardware, plynth, corner, participants


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